Review: Guards Guards by Terry Pratchett

Own the book: Yes
Format: Audio Book
Price: Unknown
Date Read: 25th January 2014

Guards Guards is the 8th book in the Discworld series and introduces the Watch – the police of Ankh Morpork. With the introduction of the Night Watch; Captain Vimes, Nobby Nobbs, Sergeant Colon and Carrot (the 6ft+ human raised as a dwarf) come even more snorts of laughter and odd looks from other people while reading this novel. A dragon is on the loose in Ankh Morpork, Draco Nobilis – a dragon believed to have gone from the Discworld… nothing like the Draco Vulgaris (swamp dragon) usually seen around the city and bred by Lady Sybil Ramkin. But surely someone must have summoned and be feeding this new dragon? It’s up to the Watch to find out, along with the assistance of Lady Sybil and Errol.

I adored this book and have listened to it again and again – some of the lines and comments from the characters are laugh-out-loud funny and the situations are a work of genius. Read it!!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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