Review: Mountain Angel by Suzie O’Connell

Own the book: Yes
Format: Kindle e-Book
Price: Free
Date Read: 30th April 2014

‘Mountain Angel’ by Suzie O’Connell is part of the Mountain Angels series, though where exactly it comes in I’m not entirely sure. I found this book on Amazon UK for free and having tried this book, I would definitely look for others in the series.

The story centres around the characters Aelissm (who’s name I spent the book trying to work out how to pronounce and ended up using the shortened version of Aeli), her best friend June and the love interest of Aelissm’s, Pat. Aelissm is being stalked by the best friend of her dead boyfriend and, on orders from Aeli’s uncle, Patrick ‘Pat’ O’Neill turns up to keep an eye on her… with a little matchmaking on the side. Pat of course has his own demons and is torn between his past and his interest in Aeli. The setting of Northstar, Montana sounds amazing and would only be better for a few pictures for those who don’t know the valleys and mountains of Montana as the author does – as a Brit I found it difficult to keep a mental picture.

Overall it was a very good and easy to read book.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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