Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Own the book: Yes
Format: Paperback
Price: Unknown
Date Re-Read: 2nd May 2014

‘Fallen’ is the 1st book in the Fallen series by the author Lauren Kate. This book was a re-read after a number of years. I came rather early to the series and unfortunately lost interest before the second book ‘Torment’ was published.

This is a teen paranormal romance book and certainly lives up to this genre. It is chock-full of angst, end-of-the-world love and high-paced changes of emotion. Yet I still gobbled it up. The book centres around the characters of Luce and Daniel and their friends / enemies in the reform school Sword and Cross in deepest dingiest America. Luce, the beautiful heroine and Daniel, the handsome hero have apparently never met but Luce remembers and dreams of times past, situations with Daniel which have never happened. Why? Of course Daniel can’t tell her and this is the main storyline of the book and, it seems, the series. The book reads as many other teen romances but does bring up a number of plot twists which are completely unexpected.

If you don’t mind highly emotional teens, this is the paranormal romance for you. It is very readable and pulls you in with believable characters and is a well-written book. I look forward to book 2, Torment.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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