Event Review: Online Romance Festival 2014

This weekend has been home to the first fully online Romance Festival and what a hit it’s been. Through a range of social media including Facebook and Twitter, fans and writers of romance fiction have been able to get ‘up close and personal’ with their favourite authors, ask the questions they’ve been itching to ask and get tips and hints from the experts… All from the comfort of their own home!

Unfortunately – due to work and social commitments – I had to miss the majority of Saturday’s delights, although I have certainly enjoyed reading the fan and author discussions today (Sunday). The Paranormal Romance’ discussion with Gena Showalter and other authors, along with the ‘Men of Romance’ chat were very interesting and thought-provoking – give them a read!

I found the use of Facebook for the discussions (I didn’t get over to Twitter – sorry!) to be difficult to get my head round at the beginning but intriguing to use at the end. It was a completely different medium to anything I had tried before in getting that kind of information / discussion across. I liked the instant-ness of it all but found Facebook itself made things different – nothing was in date/time order!

My thanks go out to all the amazing people that have been involved in this fantastic undertaking and the authors and publishers etc that gave their time to answer our questions. Here’s hoping for Romance Festival 15!


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