Review: Good Wood (Carved Hearts #1) by L.G. Pace III & Michelle Pace

Source: Author – Michelle Pace via Facebookgood wood
Format: Ebook – Read on Kindle
Publish date: 21st July 2014
Price: N/A
Date Read: 10th August 2014

Note: I received this review copy of Good Wood (Carved Hearts #1) by L.G. Pace & Michelle Pace for free from the authors in return for an honest review. The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my own.


When I first answered an ad for reviewing ARC copies of Good Wood I didn’t have much of a clue what the book was all about. I didn’t have a clue about genre or length etc, I was just drawn in by the gorgeous cover. I was then unfortunately overwhelmed with life which is why it’s taken me such a disgustingly long amount of time to read and review this book. My apologies to the authors.

I’m told by Amazon it’s 262 pages long although I can’t be sure as my Kindle version didn’t contain page numbers – I would guess that is an accurate number. It didn’t fully twig in my mind until the end that it wasn’t written by one person but a writing duo. The flow of the books was perfect and I saw no gaps or errors in that. The only error being a few extra or missing letters every now and again which didn’t take away anything during reading. I would say that Good Wood is a Contemporary Romance book but one that was much cleaner than many I’ve read. Sexual activity was mentioned but mainly hinted at activities/positions and wasn’t (to me) overt. This did not at all detract from the book but actually made it rather enjoyable in its differences.

Good Wood starts with the view point of Joe. Joe is a wood worker, living with his very pregnant wife Jess. Jess goes out one night however and is involved in a car accident. In the hospital as the health or his wife deteriorates further, Joe is forced to make difficult decisions regarding the life of his wife and unborn child. Fast-forward 3 years and Joe has changed completely. He trawls tourist bars looking for an easy lay, someone to spend a night with and nothing more. Names mean nothing and the woman is lucky if he remembers during the act, let alone afterwards. At the building site where he is at that time working, a new food truck comes along, owned, worked and manned by the younger sister of his two best friends; Molly. For years Molly had a massive crush on Joe but after moving away and eloping has come home, fleeing from her ex-husband and has no knowledge of Joe’s marriage and the outcome of that. Joe not recognising Molly isn’t the best way to a good first impression either. Molly and Joe are both flawed characters with secrets and massive problems which threaten to keep them apart. Are they able to accept and move on from their painful pasts and make a new life together?

It didn’t take me long at all to get into this book – a few pages and I was hooked. At one point I looked up and discovered I was 89% through and it was suddenly 11pm having last looked at a clock around 5pm! I did end up reading this book in a single day as I just didn’t want to put it down. I found the characters to be well thought-out and written. I may not have agreed with everything they did but I found myself understanding why they ended up the way they were. There was a lot of growth for the characters, they learnt and moved forwards and I loved the interaction between Joe and Molly and their friends and family. Along with all this came excitement too in the form of vengeful ex-husbands, misunderstandings and family rifts. So real and well written! The language used in the book was very descriptive; fantastic with a wood worker and a chef! The descriptions of food from Molly the chef did end up making me feel rather ravenous at times – rather a few kitchen raids did end up happening. I would have loved to see some of the work done by Joe as he begins to carve and make wooden things again, my mind was only so good at picturing some of the objects.

Overall though a great read and one that grabs hold and doesn’t let go.


Rating: ♥♥♥♥ – I loved it


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