Weekly Round-Up – 21.09.14

Hello all and welcome to my first blog post in a week. My most sincere apologies – my mind has been completely foggy with ME/CFS this week and I’ve been utterly unable to read. My only literary outing has been listening to a dash of Terry Pratchett’s ‘Feet of Clay’ before bed – usually the same part over and over again though!

Fingers crossed this week will be a whole lot better and I can start to read again.

I have still (amazingly) been receiving a few bits of book post so, shall we begin?



UK - Tomb_edited

The Forbidden Tomb (Hunters #2) by Chris Kuzneski (Paperback)




Loving Him Off the Field by Jeanette Murray (EBook)
The Book of Life (All Souls Trilogy #3) by Deborah Harkness (EBook)


Street Teams:

Brit Babes:


Unconditional Surrender by Lucy Felthouse & Various (EBook)
Sharing Nicely by Victoria Blisse (EBook)


Competition Wins:


Signed Swag via Elizabeth (@Fuze87 on Twitter)
Mythical Mayhem by Kiki Howell


Books Bought:


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Dragon (Dirk Pitt #10) by Clive Cussler
Poseidon’s Arrow (Dirk Pitt #22) by Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler
An Apple A Day by Caroline Taggart

Total: £1.50

Blogs Posted:

None 😦


Really must get my reading and blogging hats on for the week ahead! Will you be joining me again next week? I certainly hope so!


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