Octobathon Reading List

After a rather tiring time at work today it’s been a wonderful hour (yes, that long) that I’ve spent going through my bookshelves, kindle and library loans to find the books I really want to read this weekend for Octobathon.

For those unaware, Octobathon is my version of a readathon. It runs from tomorrow, Friday 17th October to Sunday 19th October. All are welcome to join in, mainly via Twitter – just tweet along with the hashtag #Octobathon 


I have no idea how many people will be joining in – I only came up with the idea on Tuesday as a good way to fill my weekend – so it will be interesting to see if I shall be on my tod or not! Oh well, the fridge is stocked with nibbles for my 3 day long reading fest and the fuzzy slippers, warm blankets and comfy chair are all calling my name already.

As for reading material, I’ve gone with the advice of the wonderful Heather Van Fleet (author of Finding Her Way Back) and chosen some (hopefully) pleasurable reads. All of my chosen books are library loans. Working in a library part of my time, you always get to see some fantastic books going across the desk. Personally I think I’ve chosen a few complete stonkers:

Book 1: The Monogram Murders (Hercule Poirot Mystery #1) by Sophie Hannah


Since discovering that a new Hercule Poirot mystery was being released, I have been beyond excited to read it. Unfortunately as soon as I got it through the door, my darling parentals nabbed it to read themselves! I have finally managed to grab it back for the weekend and I cannot wait to get stuck in. I adore Poirot and really hope Sophie Hannah has kept his little ways and means and not changed things too much.

Book 2: Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy #2) by Deborah Harkness


This is a library book I have had on loan for what seems like aeons. The first book, A Discovery of Witches was one I read at the end of July (see my review here) and was a complete revelation to me. I loved it! For whatever reason though, I never got round to picking up book 2 and I’m taking my chance now. Very much looking forward to it.

Book 3: Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss #1) by Stephanie Perkins


Since I started blogging in May this year and talking with other book bloggers, I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews of this series and I was delighted to find my libraries had a copy in stock. I swiftly requested it and it’s in my hands ready for the weekend. I really hope I love it – it would be so awful to be disappointed but I am none-the-less looking forward to trying it for myself.


So, have i tempted you to join in with Octobathon yourself? I hope so! Simply tweet along this weekend using the hashtag #Octobathon . Not sure what a readathon is or if you’ll have time to read? Just take a look at my Octobathon intro post here for some guidelines and explanations.


4 thoughts on “Octobathon Reading List

  1. I love the idea of running your own readathon but you’ve picked dates where the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon is smack band in the middle 😛 maybe you should stop by there? There are hundreds of people taking part. Check it out at 24hourreadathon.com

    • Hi Sharlene, thanks for your comment!

      When I came up with Octobathon I didn’t have a clue there were other readathons like Dewey’s taking place at the same time. Mine certainly wasn’t created in competition to anything else going on at the weekend. Unfortunately, overlap is bound to happen in a world as large and complicated as ours!

      Anyone is welcome to join Octobathon which I created for myself alone – I was surprised when other people said they would like to join in too. I would certainly encourage others to join in with Octobathon – perhaps those doing the Dewey 24-hour readathon would like to make a weekend out of it and join Octobathon?! They would be more than welcome to!

      JennyBee x

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