Well hello, how are you and welcome back to my most awesome and amazing blog. It’s been *gasp* seven whole months since my last update and i’m sincerely sorry it’s taken so long. In that time my job role has changed, i’ve become a far more social creature (horror of horrors) and not really touched social media or the wonder that is a book.

Yup, i’ve not read a book.

When you’ve all picked yourselves up off the floor i’ll tell you all about it. Basically i’ve rekindled my love of fan fiction. Many of you i’m sure will have explored the sites of FanFiction.netAdultFanFiction.orgFictionAlley and the other myriad of fan fiction postings available online. You shouldn’t be surprised too that many end up being snapped up by publishers; 50 Shades for example was originally a Twilight fan fiction.

There are many reasons to love and, in turn hate, fan fiction. Usually the authors are the every day person on the street who has thought ‘What if…’ and just had to write it down. I remember when i was in my teens i started writing a Fast and the Furious story as i didn’t like Letty and wanted Dom with another character. My character was pretty awesome and i could live vicariously through the words and the story i created. Unfortunately my interest waned but i still remember where i wanted the story to go and you can still find it online. Maybe one day i’ll pick it back up again.

That brings me to the hate part, something i myself am guilty of. Sadly many fanfictions remain incomplete; these are usually the best ones too. You can spend days, weeks, months or even years waiting for updates which often never come. There are two i’m still awaiting updates for which in my heart of hearts i know will never arrive but occasionally i do still check. Just in case. For those that don’t finish, there are of course those that do. Sometimes it will take months or years and you have to re-read it to be able to follow the storyline, but it’s really rather exciting.

The best part of reading fanfiction though is finding the hidden gems. In a hundred stories you may find only a few that you race right through, staying up until 4 in the morning to finish. It’s much like published books. That hidden gem makes up completely for the hours spent trawling through sometimes indecipherable gobbledegook or plots that don’t make a lick of sense and there’s a sad moment when you come to the end of the story and you don’t want to finish it. Finishing it would mean exiting this wonderful world you’ve been inhabiting for the past x hours, days, weeks or months.

So, no wonder i’ve been lost for the past seven months to fanfiction.

Fanfiction too doesn’t question if someone is good enough to read their work. You don’t have to apply and be judged whether you’re suitable to read a copy of an authors work. Coming to the end of my stint in book reviewing i was getting disheartened by the need to keep proving myself good enough to read. Surely if i’m interested in reading an authors work i should be able to read it and give my opinion? I don’t ask to read books i’m not interested in; why waste my time reading something i know i’m going to hate? There’s no time in this world for that. I did appreciate the fact though that i was given the chance by many publishers and i’m sincerely sorry that i didn’t read at the pace i probably should have done. It’s exhausting though, something i’m sure many of you find.

So, where do i go from here? I seem to have my writing spark back and my book reading spark is rearing its head once again.

I still have the books i was sent before and i think getting through them will be a big part. The reviews will be a little old by then but no matter. Whether i’l be asking for any more, who knows. I’m not in a hurry to be judged or have to prove my worthiness to publishers to get first glance of their new works. The hype for those newly-published works will be horrendous on twitter and other social media but that can’t be helped. I’m me and i won’t be changing just for the chance to read a book. If you don’t want me to read it, don’t bother making me jump through hoops. I’ll just borrow it from my local library for free later on.

But anyway, rant over and you can all come out from under the desk.

For now though, goodbye my lovelies and I hope to be writing to you all again soon. Well, sooner than 7 months… 😉

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