Review: Loving the Senator (Capitol Affairs #1) by Mia Villano

Source: Swoon RomanceLovingtheSenator.v6.2
Format: E-book – Read on Kindle
Publish Date: 28th October 2014 by Swoon Romance
Price: N/A
Date Read: 21st October 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance
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Note: I received this review copy of Loving the Senator for free from Swoon Romance in return for an honest review. The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my own.

Please be aware that this book contains language and situations that are adult in nature.


Goodreads Summary:

On the outside, Alex Conrad has everything. He’s gorgeous, rich, and has just been elected to the United States Senate by the state of Virginia.

But for the past few years, something has plagued Alex. Something has been missing from his life of privilege and opportunity. Something he has never allowed himself to acknowledge, until the night of his election.

Prudence Romaine is seventeen years Alex’s junior. The daughter of a friend whose life had taken a wrong turn, Prudence came into Alex’s life when she was just sixteen. Despite the passage of time and evidence to the contrary, Alex still thinks of Prudence as the little girl he once tried to rescue.

On election night, the sexual tension between Prudence and the senator reaches a tipping point. Prudence has been in love with Alex for some time, and now that she is in a position to do something about it, she has her aim set on Senator Conrad with no plans of giving up.

But Alex is already committed and a scandal is the last thing the newly-elected politician needs. As Alex pushes Prudence away, convinced their relationship can only end badly for them both, Prudence becomes even more determined to have Alex Conrad in her bed as well as her heart.

And Alex? He can only hold out for so long. And once he gives in, the passion they’ve held back for years threatens to undo them. But loving the senator is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Prudence must learn to handle the pressure that comes with being with a high-profile politician, Alex’s jealous ex-girlfriend, and the demands of the people, if she wants to make this work.

At around 160 pages, I found Loving the Senator to be a lovely quick book to get through. Of course, there were many parts I wanted to read a few times over – just to make sure I got the full… thrust of the information being imparted by the author. And oh my, I did. Under aged? I would strongly suggest other reading material to start with. This book goes into rather (wonderful) intimate detail and is not for the faint of constitution.

My feelings on this book went up and down more than a yo-yo on speed while reading it. This was mainly due to the main female character Prudence. For being a normally level-headed lawyer, campaign leader Prudence seems to lose her head and become a complete maniac addicted to sex around Alex, not happy to do anything but get into his pants. Not that, I suppose, this is a bad thing – just a little off putting when you’re thrown into such drama straight from the beginning. When you meet Alex though, you start to understand! Prudence is a lot younger than the newly elected Senator, Alex Conrad who she grew up idolising, crushing on and falling in love with many years before. Alex however, who was around the same age as Prudence’s mother, finds it extremely hard to think or Prudence as anything but the girl he rescued and befriended all those years ago. For all his possessiveness for Prudence though, he doesn’t seem to know exactly what he wants. Prudence and Alex have some good friends though to aid them through the current and oncoming drama fortunately.

With as much drama as all good politic-surrounded dramas should have, Loving the Senator certainly doesn’t disappoint in that respect. The book is well written and the characters are crazy, hilariously uproarious, sexy and completely full of life. Between Prudence and Alex, the words ‘tumultuous relationship’ don’t begin to cover it. As much as I adore the West Wing, it doesn’t come quite into the same dramatic sphere as this book!

With old relationships, new relationships, secrets, lies and scandal, will Prudence and Alex’s relationship survive the media? You’ll just have to read it yourself to find out. Overall a great book and I’m very excited to read more in the series.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ – I loved it.


About the author: 

Mia Villano

Mia Villano was born and raised in Geneva, Ohio and now lives in Akron. Moving to Birmingham, Alabama for seven years she attended the University of Alabama majoring in Early Childhood Education.  Mia has started a customer service department for a telecommunications company in 1997.

After the birth of her second child she decided to stay home for a few years and write which is her true passion. Mia self-published her first book in 2011 called Chasing Secrets. This is a historical fiction novel based on stories her grandmother told her about walking from Alabama to Ohio during the Great Depression. Currently Mia is writing what she truly loves, romance. Set to be published in July of 2014 with Swoon Romance, Mia wrote Loving the Senator and is currently working on a sequel.

In her spare time she loves to visit NYC at least twice a year, cook, work out, and spend as much time with her two daughters as possible. She loves all music from Dean Martin to JayZ. She has a passion for politics and enjoys working on presidential campaigns. Mia shares her home with her two children, a husband, two Dachshunds named Louie and Frankie and two cats Gotti and Fat Tony.

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Review: Bite Mark by Lily Harlem

6496140_origSource: Lily Harlem via Brit Babes
Format: E-book – Read on Kindle
Publish date: 12th September 2014 by Ellora’s Cave Twilight
Price: N/A
Date Read: 8th September 2014

Note: I received this review copy of Bite Mark for free from the author in return for an honest review. The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my own.

Please also note that this book is an erotic threesome (containing MFM & MF) romance book and is not (in my opinion) suitable for under 18’s. Adults, please use your discretion to make your own decision.





Wondering where this review is? It will be re-posted to tie in with the release of book 2; Claw Mark, which I will also be reading and reviewing.

Watch out for it around Halloween!!

Review: The Glass Knot by Lily Harlem

Source: Lily Harlem via Brit Babes10259951_482722651855049_8748705784161882986_n
Format: E-book – Read on Kindle
Publish date: 14th November 2013 by Lily Harlem
Price: N/A
Date Read: 6th September 2014

Note: I received this review copy of The Glass Knot for free from the author in return for an honest review. The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my own.

Please also note that this book is an erotic threesome (containing MMF/MFM/MM/MF) romance book and is not (in my opinion) suitable for under 18’s. Adults, please use your discretion to make your own decision.


The Glass Knot is the third book I have read by the British author Lily Harlem and I am more in love with her work after reading this story than ever.

On a working holiday in Marbella, photographer Laura is taken with a very handsome man she sees coming out of the water and up the sand towards her. Her hopes are shattered however after noticing his wedding ring. After buying her a drink and striking up a conversation, Josh tells Laura that there is no wife waiting for him but a husband instead and they are on holiday celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. Shocked and disappointed that this hunk is taken, Laura is surprised to be invited to dine with them that evening but she agrees.

At dinner, Laura meets Nick, Josh’s very attractive husband. Leaving early, Nick tells Josh to take his time; with Nick’s permission, Josh – who has never been with anyone else but Nick and wanting to know what it is like to be with a woman – and Laura spend one night together and make their separate ways back to England, positive that they won’t see one another again.

One day though, a delivery of flowers brings an invitation from Josh for Laura to come to his and Nick’s house in the Cotswolds. Unsure of her decision but wanting to see him again, Laura agrees. With Josh away from home when she arrives, she finds Nick to be aloof and cold. Knowing though that it was Nick’s choice for his husband to have a night with her, Laura shrugs it off and explores their home. Finally, after a confrontation by Nick, Laura understands how his relationship has changed with his husband and how Josh now can’t get Laura out of his head. Promising to leave, Laura is stopped by Josh and she ends up staying. It takes another mistake and a confrontation to see how she is harming this marriage though and Laura quickly leaves.

Unfortunately, it takes a major accident for Nick to realise where his priorities really lie and for Laura, Josh and Nick to come to terms with what they really want and what they have to fight for.
As with other Lily Harlem books (though not all of them I hasten to add) this is a threesome erotic romance. There is male/male romance as well – for goodness sake, Josh and Nick have been happily married for 10 years! – along with male/female scenes. If you don’t like love and sex, don’t bother reading it.

I mentioned before, the word romance. There is heaps of it. So far all the books I have read by Lily have been filled with love and romance and these are the ones which hit at the heart and make you feel all warm and mushy. There are always hindrances and questioning and those moments when you think the whole thing is over but this marvellous author carries straight through them all and gives you a massive hug and a sloppy wet kiss with her writing. The story explores many difficult parts of relationships; attraction to somebody outside the relationship, loving someone besides your partner and trying to come to terms with the whole thing in a way which doesn’t hurt anyone.

With emotions aplenty and enough love, romance and sex to fill a (very big something) this is the perfect weekend read and one I am privileged to have had the chance to read. Thank you!


Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ – Bl**dy brilliant

Review: Shared by Lily Harlem

Source: Lily Harlem via Brit Babes Street Team10157375_493341130793201_1344158265236660458_n
Format: E-book – Read on Kindle
Publish date: 16th June 2010 by Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc
Price: N/A
Date Read: 21st August 2014

Note: I received this review copy of Shared for free from the author in return for an honest review. The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my own.


Please also note that this book is an erotic threesome (MFM) romance book and is not (in my opinion) suitable for under 18’s. Adults, please use your discretion to make your own decision.


Ariane has run away from her job, friends, home and entire life with only the clothes on her back and whatever was in her small handbag after finding out that the boss in the midst of seducing her is extremely corrupt and stealing money from the company. Originally an artist by trade, Ariane runs to Cardiff, wanting to hide away for a while somewhere safe from her now ex boss. Hoping to find a flat, Ariane is shocked to find out how little she can afford and ends up circling and ringing the only newspaper advert that doesn’t contain a price; Room to let, shared, girl wanted. Going to see the flat she finds a penthouse and an amazing place it is – well out of her price range. Liam, one of the owners convinces her to stay and the attraction is immediate. Allowing herself to be coddled for a while, Ariane stays and soon meets Quinn. Unknown to Ariane, Liam and Quinn – both professional, successful and busy men – have decided that since they have so little opportunity to meet women and especially don’t have time between them to each have a girl, they will share one. By no means gay, their friendship is strong and they won’t get jealous. Will Ariane consent to the terms of the let?

I really enjoyed the story and found the premise to be intriguing; not one I had come across before. I found the characters to be interesting and well written with good points and bad points which made them all far more human than words on a page often are. I loved the controlling Quinn giving up some of his control to Ariane and Liam being willing to tell Ariane his secret.

This is an erotic romance and there were a lot of sex scenes and I found these to be extremely hot, sexy and evocative. It was all very well described and I loved it! The story was around 100 pages shorter than The Silk Tie (also by Lily Harlem) and i was surprised by how much fit in, although not in any hurried way. It also contained an element of thriller fiction which I guessed at but very much enjoyed.

Lily Harlem has also written a follow-up titled ‘Shared Too’. Having enjoyed the ending of this book, i’m not sure if I will read book 2. Right now I don’t want things to change from the way this book ended, especially having read a few teaser reviews of the story of Shared Too. Maybe in a few months I may feel differently.

Shared is another fantastic story from the pen of the very talented Lily Harlem and I can’t wait to read more by this author – The Glass Knot awaits impatiently!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Review: Whipped by Sabrina York

Source: NetGalley22838382
Format: E-book – Read on Kindle
Publish date: 19th August 2014 by Three Twenty-One, LLC as part of the ‘Brought to His Knees’ anthology.
Price: N/A
Date Read: 18th August 2014


Note: I received this review copy of Whipped by Sabrina York for free through NetGalley in return for an honest review. The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my own.

Please note if you’re looking for this on Amazon: Whipped is published for a limited time as part of the ‘Brought to His Knees’ anthology but it will later (apparently) be published as a novella.


Whipped is a relatively short story at around 50 pages but I certainly enjoyed it!

Mourning the loss of his best friend (to marriage, not death) alpha male Dane takes solace in the arms of a hooker for a night while in Las Vegas for the bachelor party and wedding of said best friend. Unfortunately, the ‘hooker’ is actually his best friends sister, Tina. The morning after, with no knowledge of who the mystery woman really was, Dane is shocked to see her cosy-ing up to the bride and even more disturbed to find out he’s broken the bro code (a few times!) with his best friend’s sister – a massive no-no if ever there was one. Unfortunately feelings start to come into the matter and Tina and Dane find themselves unable to stay away from one another or stave off the jealousy when they see the other speaking to someone else when they’re apart. Will Dane give in and confess his attraction – and maybe even love –  for the out-of-reach sister of his best friend since childhood?

Overall this was a decent short story and the genres that fit it best are, I believe, contemporary fiction and mild erotica. I found the characters to be well written and introduced and their personalities really came through the authors writing. I would have loved a longer story with more in it but for the length it was good. As an enjoyable but quick read, I can imagine that this would be a great addition to an anthology.


Rating: ♥♥♥ – I liked it


Review: The Silk Tie by Lily Harlem

The Silk TieSource: Lily Harlem via Brit Babes
Format: E-book – Read on Kindle
Publish date: 2nd August 2014 by Lily Harlem
Price: N/A
Date Read: 15th August 2014

Note: I received this review copy of The Silk Tie for free from the author in return for an honest review. The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my own.

Please also note that this book is an erotic threesome (MMF) romance book and is not (in my opinion) suitable for under 18’s. Adults, please use your discretion to make your own decision.

The Silk Tie is a (very) erotic threesome romance with massive lashings of each. Unlike many erotica books, this one doesn’t feel like smut has been put in for the hell of it. In fact I found it a very romantic and loving story with wonderfully developed and developing characters. The sex is a big but fantastic part which certainly got me a little (ok, very) hot under the collar.

Hayley and Gabe are a very happily married couple living in London. Both lawyers, though working at different firms, they love their jobs and try to get justice for their clients. Gabe’s latest client is Brent; a testosterone-filled and rather muscular man trying to divorce his cheating wife. In the midst of meetings and conversations, including one about Brent’s previous relationship with another man, a friendship between Gabe and Brent quickly develops along with an unspoken attraction on both sides. This attraction is noticed by Hayley who after much soul searching finds that she doesn’t mind and in fact ends up encouraging Gabe to seduce Brent and get the attraction out of his system, in the process doing a LOT of fantasising about male/male relationships. Gabe however finds it hard to come to terms with the attraction and breaks down when confronted by Hayley, professing that he isn’t gay. Once the decision is made though and the truth comes out, one weekend isn’t enough for Gabe and Brent – and not for Hayley either who finds that she is feeling attraction to Brent too. Will either Gabe, Hayley or Brent be able to move on or will a new norm be found for the three?

You’ll just have to read this fantastic book for yourself to find out.

I found the writing style of this book to be perfect for me. There was little knowledge or description imparted that I felt could have been left out – all seemed to move the story along at a gentle pace, enlarging on the characters, their interests and the relationships between the three characters. I was surprised how much the relationships between the three characters changed but was delighted by the progress and how the author put across the worry of losing a husband to another man, the attraction to someone a character shouldn’t be attracted too and so much more.

This is an erotic book though and I can safely say that the sex scenes were aplenty and scorching hot with good (and very detailed!) descriptions. I only felt that there was a little too much profanity in the form of the word ‘F**k’ during these scenes which got a little tiring in the end. I didn’t find it too away from those moments however.

I can’t wait to read more by this author – this is the best erotic romance book I have read so far and the only threesome book I have loved (and finished!).

Rating: ♥♥♥♥½ – I loved it (Note: This is rounded up to 5 where ½ is unavailable)

Review: Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins (Bound to the Sea Part 1) by Lyra Fawn

claimed-by-the-alpha-dolphinsSource: NetGalley
Format: E-book – Read on Kindle
Publish date: 15th July 2014 by Victory Editing
Price: N/A
Date Read: 12th August 2014

Note: I received this review copy of Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins (Bound to the Sea Part 1) by Lyra Fawn for free through NetGalley in return for an honest review. The opinions and thoughts I share in this review are my own.


Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins is a short 60-odd page introduction / first instalment to the full story. I hadn’t quite realised it was so short and left at a cliffhanger when I first got it so the end came far too quickly.

Mona is a librarian who, on her days off goes to the beach to soak up some rays and admire the speedo-wearing surfers. One day she notices two extremely handsome surfers who really stand out. While watching from behind her book a shark attack leaves the beach in chaos. Mona, still watching her two surfers sees them transform into dolphins and fend off the shark. This transformation goes unnoticed by anyone else on the beach. Following the two afterwards, Mona lies her way into their motel room, leaving her bag behind in the hopes that one of the two will return it to her.

I both really enjoyed this book and found much of it to be unbelievable, even for a paranormal romance/erotica. I loved the wording, descriptions and exciting storyline; The two men are royal princes bound to find the woman who will unite two clans and save their world. I even loved the sizzling sex and hot romance. I did however find that some elements of the story were silly; a lone woman following two strange shape-shifting men who-knows-where, unprotected sex with a man who had been rude and only got interested when he noticed the colour of her eyes. Oh and then going out into the sea with that man for a trial in which many before had drowned.

It was an enjoyable quick read which, if I didn’t put too much thought into it, was very good. My only real hang-up was the length; it was far too short! I will try further instalments of this series when they come out to see how this author further tells the story of Mona, Lucan and Dario.


Rating: ♥♥♥ – I liked it