Review: Colorado Abduction (Christmas at the Carlisles #1) by Cassie Miles

Source: Amazon UKcolorado-abduction-cassie-miles-book-cover-art
Format: E-book – Read on Kindle
Publish date: 1st October 2009 by Harlequin Intrigue (first published 1st January 2009)
Price: Free
Date Re-Read: 29th September 2014


This is not the first time I have read the book ‘Colorado Abduction’. I first read it in April 2014 – only a few months ago – but I have been wanting to read it again ever since. In looking for something easy and appealing to read for my slowly un-fogging brain I hit upon this book.

Colorado Abduction is the first book in the Christmas at the Carlisles series and part of the Harlequin Intrigue set. For me it is a wonderful mix of the types of books I simply love; Western Romance and Romantic Suspense. Heaven!

Carolyn Carlisle, CEO of Carlisle Certified Organic Beef is brought back home to the family ranch run by her brother when news of sabotage reaches her. On her return though, Carolyn finds that security has been hired, but even with that, her sister-in-law Nicole is kidnapped and the bodyguard with her shot. Calling in the FBI, Carolyn hopes that the situation will be sorted soon. Enter tall, dark and handsome FBI agent in charge and hostage negotiator JD Burke. The attraction between Carolyn and JD is hot but the middle of an investigation isn’t the right time for either of them, or so they tell themselves. The investigation into the sabotage and kidnapping is continued by the FBI but when ransom demands are received and it looks like there may be a mole in the ranch, Carolyn and JD must learn to work together to get Nicole back to her husband.

Second time around and I still I absolutely loved this book. The characters and the storyline were well rounded and interesting. The story was intriguing and I certainly felt involved with the book; I cared about the characters. I loved the characters of Carolyn and JD – I just wish the ending had been continued on a bit as it was left rather open. There are two other books in the series however which continue the stories of other minor characters from this book. Maybe they will have a few hints of JD and Carolyn.

I would certainly recommend this book to others; it was an easy read and one which I couldn’t put down.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ – I loved it.

Review: Mountain Angel by Suzie O’Connell

Own the book: Yes
Format: Kindle e-Book
Price: Free
Date Read: 30th April 2014

‘Mountain Angel’ by Suzie O’Connell is part of the Mountain Angels series, though where exactly it comes in I’m not entirely sure. I found this book on Amazon UK for free and having tried this book, I would definitely look for others in the series.

The story centres around the characters Aelissm (who’s name I spent the book trying to work out how to pronounce and ended up using the shortened version of Aeli), her best friend June and the love interest of Aelissm’s, Pat. Aelissm is being stalked by the best friend of her dead boyfriend and, on orders from Aeli’s uncle, Patrick ‘Pat’ O’Neill turns up to keep an eye on her… with a little matchmaking on the side. Pat of course has his own demons and is torn between his past and his interest in Aeli. The setting of Northstar, Montana sounds amazing and would only be better for a few pictures for those who don’t know the valleys and mountains of Montana as the author does – as a Brit I found it difficult to keep a mental picture.

Overall it was a very good and easy to read book.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Review: Sunny Days Ahead by D’Ann Lindun

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Format: Kindle e-Book
Price: Free
Date Read: 29th April 2014

‘Sunny Days Ahead’ is part of the ‘The Cowboys of Black Mountain’ series. At only 67-ish pages it was an extremely short but interesting read. I found the main characters Sunny and Garrett to be refreshing and their difficult situations – especially Sunny’s – to be thought-provoking. I was left feeling disappointed at the shortness of the story and wanting more but it was, ultimately, well-rounded.

Overall nothing to shout about but a good way to spend a half-hour.

Rating: ♥♥

Review: Colorado Abduction by Cassie Miles

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Format: Kindle e-Book
Price: Free
Date Read: 27th April 2014

‘Colorado Abduction’ is part of Mills &  Boon’s Intrigue section and comes under the genre of Western Romance. I used to be a big fan of Mills & Boon books – they were easy to read and followed a regular pattern. Great for a foggy mind. Coming back to them after so long, I loved this story! It was a thrilling but lovely read with twists and turns. I found the main characters; FBI agent JD and stubborn CEO / Rancher Carolyn, to be likeable and believable and I wanted to know more about what happened to them. There was certainly intrigue aplenty and lots of romance – all that was promised.

The series continues with the stories of other minor characters introduced in this book – if I get the chance I will definitely read them.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥